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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Taco Anyone? Michelle?

Michelle Obama recently kicked off her “Let’s Move” initiative to fight childhood obesity. One of the attributes of this program was improved school lunches. Just so happened I was on the boy’s school website recently trying to keep track of delays, etc and found their latest lunch menu (which they will never have because they are off for the fourth day in a row.)

Anyway, today’s menu had two interesting items. The first was a Walking Taco. Now, is it me or does that sound more like a diagnosis than a food? Walking Taco smacks of something you pick up after a forty-eight hour bender in Tijuana that’s only treatable with high dose anti-biotics and anti-itch cream…and would probably be why you would not be naked in front of your wife for a few weeks. Turns out it is basically taco meat and cheese dumped into a bag of Fritos. I’m not a nutritionist, but I am pretty sure Michelle is aiming a Predator missile at this one.

The second is “Apples, Fresh.” An important note here…the quotations are not mine. That is exactly how it appears on the website. Nothing else has quotes. The easy cliché would be, “What, as opposed to ‘Apples, Rotten?’” Now, logic dictates this is probably to differentiate from, “Apples, Canned.” Either way, I find the quotes part funny.

Taken separately, these are two unique items in their own way. But here is the other thing. Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what would go great with these tacos? Apples! A nice big apple… fresh.” So it seems to me, the first order of business should be to, crazy as this sounds, plan a meal that actually makes sense. Granted, the school did try a little cross cuisine and added some Spanish rice to the mix (I know the boys love their Spanish rice), but tacos and apples? I know, it counts as a fruit on that crazy pyramid that is as useless a government tool as the Terror Threat Level kaleidoscope. Either way, it doesn’t matter to us, the boys are having bologna (jumbo for us true Pittsburghers)…and why jump off that train.


Sean S. said...

Funny... I mistakenly (and under protest, but my boys "really" wanted to try it...) ordered jumbo at the deli counter not all that long ago... The woman in the hairnet looked at me like I had two heads... Almost the same look I got a few years back when ordering chipped ham... Perhaps my PGH dialect of "chiptam" said in a fast cadence was part of the problem???

Anonymous said...

Our family believes that the school should get out of the lunch business altogether. Would save hundreds of thousands of dollars and hardly any food would go to WASTE. Have you ever witness the lemmings filing out of the lunch room and throwing ENTIRE trays of food in the garbage. Remove the cafeteria lunches and students have a better chance of eating the food that their parents pack -- healthier, cheaper, eaten.

Anonymous said...

I can add one to that Dave. Nick's daycare lunch the other day had soy "peanut butter" and jelly sandwiches with pineapples. If the soy peanut butter wasn't bad enough (and it must be), adding pineapples to the mix was enough to make my son bring it to the attention of the staff that he was displeased with his lunch. He did this by puking it all over the table.