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Saturday, December 3, 2011

'Tis The Season To Not Be Offended

Well, ‘tis the season; time to spend a small fortune on gifts and flip someone off in an overcrowded parking lot. Oh, the holidays. Oops! I meant Christmas! Really, I did!

See, it is also the time of year for news outlets to start reporting on how many times someone doesn’t say “Christmas” with the marathon tenacity that TBS runs Christmas Story. “Offended” citizens will spout off about how some local politician or school board or elderly neighbor said “Happy Holidays” or is having a “Holiday Party” and in doing so, have further corrupted the world and brought us to the brink of anarchy. The news dogs will lap this up, providing us with interviews and b-roll footage. Commentators will tell us that the heathens that use “Holiday” instead of “Christmas” are only being Politically Correct, further co-opting this great country. (It is actually becoming PC to complain about this.)


Maybe, just maybe, someone who says “Happy Holidays” is not engaged in some sort of skullduggery. Maybe, just maybe, they realize not everyone is a Christian, or maybe (gasp!) they are not a Christian. Or maybe they just feel like saying, “I am having a holiday party” instead of, “I am having a Christmas party.” Either way, if you are “offended” by this, get your “holiday” panties out of a knot. It is not a big deal! Really, it will be okay. No one is taking “Christ” out of “Christmas,” that was accomplished not long after the three wise men realized an xBox is a helluva better gift than frankincense.

There are plenty of things to be happy/pissed about this Christmas/Holiday season; your kid playing with a cardboard box more than the $3,000 toy that came in it and outdoor lights tangled like Congress. Remember, when you are getting flipped off in a parking lot, you can always say, “Merry Christmas to you too, asshole!”

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