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Monday, April 26, 2010

And I Approve This Message

Next week I will be in Washington DC lobbying on behalf of a trade association I am affiliated with. While there are plenty of fun topics to speak to our lawmakers about like pension reform and the misclassification of workers (zzzzzzz) I thought it a perfect opportunity to do some real grass roots work on behalf of my friends. Please leave your bitch (not her), I mean policy statement, below and I will see what I can do.

The best suggestion left here will be rewarded with a prize...don't forget I will need your email.


Teresa said...

Ok, Here goes. Being the good, honest American citizen, I mailed in my census form the day after I recieved it. I even filled it out! It took a lot of juggling of kids schedules/babysitting to take a census job, but I decided to do it. This would be my first "official" job in about six years. I reported to training this mornin.I was reminded how government run things can turn into a bunch of crap very quickly. The trainer was late, the building was locked and when we finally got in there, the alarm was set off. My name was not on the roster and therefore I didn't have a "folder". This magical "folder" was the key to everything , getting paid, even being at training! I hung around for an hour and was told they had put me in the wrong training class and this "folder" was at a different location. I offered to go myself and get it. No, that would be too logical. No go on that. I ended up going home and was told that I might be getting a call.
This experience led me to listen my some Ludicris and I felt a little better. What a bunch of idiots there. I think the Governement should just take a total wild ass guess and save some money. Most of the people I talked to at the census office were total dolts and sounded like they were reading...from.....a....script....the ...whole...time. There's my bitch. BTW Listen to "Move Bitch" my new fav song.

Dave Meyer said...

First...thanks for your service to the country. However, wouldn't you have been more surprised if things had worked as planned?

I will def check out the tune...but when the hell did you start listening to Ludicris? far, you are in first place!