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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Because the Pirates got whooped, and I can't do the NBA...

A few notes on sports…

• The most reliable and consistent use of hardwired phones in the world remains the dugout to bullpen phones in baseball. In fact, this may be the most reliable part of a Pirates game. You can’t count on us getting a pitcher past the fourth inning or throwing out a runner, but you sure can count on us calling the bullpen.

• I don’t care much for auto racing, but would be infinitely more dialed in if they had a race that included cars that had no equipment that slowed or regulated speed. They need to have a race where teams could build cars that could go as fast as possible…and let them roll at the brickyard. That, I would watch. And while they are at, no templates for design.

• I am still puzzled that plays that result in no penalty and are deemed legal after the fact can still result in suspension. “You didn’t run a stop sign or speed through a school zone, but you know, we just don’t feel right about this.”

• Curling is a great sport for two hours every four years. Tops.

• The two sporting events that are overexposed to the point of utter saturation are the NFL draft and The Masters. Way too much man love going on for both.

• A homerun highlight tops my list of things that I don’t like to see on ESPN’s Top Ten Plays.

• Most players you absolutely hate are the exact ones you wish your home team could build around.

• Some of the most exciting games are not played at stadiums or arenas; they are played on your local fields.

• My boys are becoming very skeptical of professional athletes…thanks guys.

• Old baseball players have the best stories. Steve Blass spoke at an event I attended. I was fortunate enough to sit with him at dinner. If you ever get the chance ask him about the Panamanian catcher and Colonel Sanders.

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