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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Erin Andrews - She Is Not REALLY A Facebook Friend

Confession. I’ve always had a little (major) crush on Erin Andrews. Not in a “Google Image Search” (maybe a few times) sort of way, but definitely in a “got me to watch Dancing With The Stars last year” sort of way. So, when she popped up on Facebook as a suggestion for me to subscribe to, I thought, “Why not. I’m sure she has some interesting insights on the BCS.” Plus, I would quickly (for a dreadfully long time) check out whatever pictures she posted.

Good Lord, did I get an eyeful, and not from her dressed in a gold mini-dress. Oh no. What I glimpsed was insight into the undercarriage of celebrity e-stalking.

Let’s run the numbers.

Yesterday, Erin Andrews posted the following: “Dental X-Rays are a treat.” This seemingly innocuous post generated 677 “likes”, 19 “shares” (which may be the most odd metric of this entire train wreck), and 532 comments. Here is a sampling of the comments:

• “dat ass”

• “Still lying around hotel rooms naked and suing news organizations that report on it? Does anyone really take news/sports actresses like you seriously?”

• I am going to paraphrase this one: “Would you be interested in…” Actually, I can’t. It was two words, the first of which was, “wanna.”

Granted, they weren’t all this insane. Some were even stranger in their casualness. They were written as if the subscriber was an actual “friend.” Things like, “Right? I hate that too. Hope everything worked out!” These types of comments are frightening because they project a relationship that does not exist. In reality, you are posting on a strangers wall. These people are so absorbed in this faux relationship that these casual comments presume an air of connectedness that is delusional on every level.

If I was Erin, I would be less concerned with the guy who wanted to bang me than the guy who actually wanted to know how my dentist appointment went. Both total strangers, one honest and one obsessed. I’m not a sociologist or a psychologist, but this seems like scary stuff.

Most of us know Erin underwent a very traumatic experience when she was videotaped through the peephole of her hotel room door. My money says it was the guy who wanted to know how her tarter build up was.

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