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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Not A Protest If You Don't Get Pepper Sprayed

The G20 reared its head in Pittsburgh last week, and I was front and center for the best non-violent, no-protester showing event of those glorious 48 hours. Some people blow off work to go golfing, I blew off work to see someone meet the business end of a water cannon.
Alas, hundreds of local and state riot police, with a smattering of federal agents set up skirmish lines like Civil War re-anactors at Gettysburg. They formed in abrupt skirmish lines, practiced putting on their gas masks (this, much to the dismay of myself and 50 or so other onlookers who thought we were going to be getting a nose full) and jockeyed us spectators around from one block to the next.
A small group of protesters showed up, about 50, and were festooned in their best black t-shirts. I believe they were the feared and dreaded "Anarchists". I also feared and dreaded the idea that they were completely unaware of what anarchy meant, let alone actually believed their song of protest..."No Banks, No Borders." Huh?
Anyway, when faced with armed confrontation, they quickly dispersed like scattering bugs. They only committed people were the police and the onlookers and we got bored with each other. We dispersed ourselves, besides, I had to get to the bank.

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