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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We survived Obama's Speech

Much ado about nothing is the phrase of the day. President BO delivered the hitherto controversial speech to the school kids today. For some reason, SV did not participate. I can pnly hope it was a scheduling issue and some stupid conserva-nazi agenda. The speech was very motivating.

The swtich to First Niagara from national City went anything but smooth at work. The direct deposits didn't deposit, the remote deposit didn't deposit.

I am stuck thinking about who in God's name I can write about for my next writing assignment. What makes it tricky is that the person I choose, not only do I have to write about their good and bad qualities, I have to then write about an "experience" with them. Hmm. So, if I write about someone who has distinct good and bad qualities, I need a good experience with them. This leaves out most of my friends, not that they are perfect, but hey have few bad qualities. I was thinking about flipping a coin and doing it about one of the kids ut that may be mean spirited.

The Pirates now have the longest season losing streak at 17 consecutive seasons...what an achievement! Steelers start on Thursday. Early prediction...11-5.

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