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Thursday, October 15, 2009

UFO or Cloud?

This picture makes as much sense to me as the rest of Palm Springs.  Both are beautiful and interesting but you are not sure what they are doing there.  If nothing else, Palm Springs is idyllic.  Tucked into the Cochella Valley, surrounded by mountains and dotted with golf courses, it would seem the perfect place to spend a few days.  It isn't.  Like the cloud in this picure, it seems to lack any real soul.  It floats around, you get tired of looking at it, and it is eventually gone. 

One thing The PS does have is medical clinics and doctors offices.  Drive down Country Club Road some day.  They are lined up like hookers at an AFL-CIO convention.  Buildings and buildings worth, all catering to the elderly demographic.  Oddly, in the midst of all this was a Planned Parenthood office.  I'm pretty sure you can get an appointment there a little easier than one of the 7,000 Centers For Joint Pain.  What they need is a Planned Hip Replacement office.

As much as it sucked coming home to the first days of a long winter, I was glad to leave that place.  It was my thrd visit and it was a charm; reminding me to never go back

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