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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dylan and Chris-The Soundoff: Issue - Steroids

The great thing about kids is that they are not old enough to have been rolled through the bullshit that life heaps upon us. Their world is pretty black and white. They know what they like (xBox) and what they don’t (food without breading). It was in this spirit that I posed the following question to my kids; should athletes who are found to have used steroids be allowed in the Hall Of Fame?

Chris: “No, I don’t think they should be allowed in the Hall of Fame because using steroids is the same as cheating. Players have disgraced sports by using steroids for strength. It’s almost like they are in a superman like body when this happens and it is not fair and they are not using their own abilities to get in.”

Us jerkoff adults know things in life aren’t always fair…but kids are acutely tuned into what is fair and what is not. They know precisely who took the recyclables out last and the exact out-of-bounds line in backyard football, even though the corner of the garden and the third fence post are fifty feet apart...they can site that in like human transits. Just try to dupe an 11 year old if your big toe was out of bounds.

Dylan: “No because kids could look up to these people and if they find out they did drugs then the kids might think it is OK for them to do drugs. Also, it is cheating.”

Dylan unveiled the role model aspect of the problem. Now, maybe athletes could care less what some kid thinks of them, but does anyone really want to go through life knowing that kids think you are a schmuck? Worse, do you want kids to think that maybe cheating isn’t that bad after all, and that the Police Officer teaching DARE was maybe, just maybe out of touch with reality?

I readily acknowledge that my opinion on these matters is a bit more expansive, but I have been marred by life that is not always fair and have come to be surprised by little anymore. On these complicated matters, perhaps we should turn to the kids to get the unfiltered truth. McGuire, if you are reading this, you have two “No” votes.


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