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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Few Items - Feel free to twitter about them

• I was glad I gave 24 another shot…especially when about thirty minutes in Jack Bauer buried, and I mean buried a fire axe into a guy’s chest.

• I am getting tired having my kids fix electronic things for me. TV’s used to turn on and off. Now, one false button and you scramble the thing and it’s tougher to fix then when your dad used to have to fiddle with the rabbit ear antennae. (I wasn’t alive yet when this happened but family rumor has it that dad once got so pissed he ripped the antennae off and beat the TV with them…nice.) (Coincidentally, I beat a weed-whacker to death once when the auto-line feed wouldn’t work…for the millionth time.)

• If what I am hearing on this season of “The Bachelor” is true, what women are looking for in a husband is a guy they hardly know who likes to make out with a dozen women right before them. (Yes, I have seen the show…but until Rock Of Love comes back with Brett Michaels, this is the Gen X dating game)

• For the record, Amanda Bynes is 23 years old and apparently no longer interested in doing The Amanda Show.

• It takes a special kind of fucked-up to stab oneself. Get well Artie.

• The homework I do not get is putting spelling words in alphabetical order. If they want the students to learn something useful with the alphabet, they should have the kids memorize it backwards…great tool for those late night DUI checkpoints. Not sure how knowing “minus” comes before “negative” is helping them.

• Haiti happens and we give. Katrina happens and we blame.

• In a years time we will have had new releases by Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

• Is it feminine to cry when I see Eric Clapton next month?

• (One more music item.) I am in an ongoing email debate with Mark about music…scary part is that we may agree that Garth Brooks may be one of the biggest influences in music in the last fifteen years…ushering in pop-country. Bad music…smoking hot girls.

• My son “accused” me the other weekend of spending it, “eating nachos, drinking beer and watching football.” To that I say…yes.

• In the words of Stephen Colbert, “For those of you having an erection that lasts longer than four hours…you’re welcome.”

I highly recommend this video of Just Breathe by Pearl Jam...interesting little ditty.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I hate when someone in my fam says "where's the remote"....flipping sucks having to track down that equipment when I had nothing to do with hiding it!

Clarissa looked way better when she explained it all.

I like Ella on the bachelor! Down to earth beyotch!

And I love 'Coldplay'....

Oh I am going to see the BEP's!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can I go see Clapton with you? Last time I saw him, Muddy walked out on stage! Mannish Boy, baby!