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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gray Man

I actually saw a gray guy today. Not dressed in gray…gray. I was cutting through Market Square which in the midst of a huge construction project that will surely amount to very little if the current track record of this city has anything to say about it. He wore a scowl…which I guess I would too.

He was such an odd shade that I wasn’t even sure of his race. Was he a black guy with an awful skin condition or a white guy with one mucked up tan? He looked like something you would paint…or Picasso would paint. I will say this; he was uniformly gray…not blotchy or anything. He was just a nice shade of gray; if such a thing can be said about a person. It looked like someone applied a nice, even coat of Krylon to him.

Then I started thinking, “Is he the undead? A zombie?” I have read about zombies in Haiti, and let me tell you there is some weird shit happening in the hill country down there. He was that spooky. To further add to my paranoia I started to wonder if anyone else saw him. Was he visible only to me? Was it a ghostly gray spirit that was sending me a signal to dial back my internet “research” I do when everyone goes to sleep?

I wish I could say I turned around and he dissipated into the surrounding ether as he looked over his shoulder and cracked a crooked smile in my direction. I can’t…I was looking to catch a ride back to my office.

(Lest anyone think I am mean spirited and think all I do is make fun of people – which may be true – let me say that YOU would have noticed too. I am quite sure more than a few people are telling this same story tonight; unless, he was only visible to me. In that case I am fucked!)


Anonymous said...

You should have snapped a pic. If the gray man didn't show up, you will know you are fucked. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds a little 'fringe-esque' to me. and if you're not watching that show, you should.