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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Kind Of Pro Athlete Does This? (I name names!)

Ryan Boyle, professional lacrosse player and a principal in Trilogy Lacrosse, is a menace and a threat to professional athletes everywhere. Someone in our lacrosse association had the gall to turn him loose on our children last night. In doing so he completely obliterated, in a few short hours, everything my boys have come to learn about pro athletes.

For example; he strode into practice, fresh from Manhattan, and spent an hour and a half lecturing and drilling the boys on the finer points of the game. Then, he split them up into smaller groups so he could; get this, work with them on a more individual basis! The real topper came after practice though, when he joined the 6th graders at the high school field to watch the varsity lacrosse game. Believe it or not, he spent the entire game surrounded by these kids…talking to them! He told them such crazy things as “find someone you can look up to!” I had to rub my eyes because I couldn’t believe what I saw next from this miscreant. He whipped out a Sharpie and started to sign things; shoes, sticks, jerseys…he signed everything!

He couldn’t just leave when the game was over…NOOOO. He had the audacity to tell the kids, “come out to my car, I have a bunch of posters I can sign for you.” What!? He marches about a dozen kids out to his car, whips out a box of posters and signs one for everyone…until no one is left! Then, he gave a few to our coordinator for “the program!” He shakes everyone’s hand and says, “Have a good night.”

What athlete does this sort of thing? What pro-player has the time between abusing women, smoking dope, shooting themselves and travelling with a posse to spend a couple hours with their fans…kids no less! Ryan Boyle has a long way to go to become the total jerk most athletes are.

(You can't tell from the picture, but Ryan is seated in the middle of this madness, surrounded by his new fans.  There is a game going on the background; I am pretty sure he saw zero minutes of it.)

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