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Friday, May 14, 2010

Stupid In HD - A Contest (with a prize!)

At Fortune’s Coffee today, I was chatting with the owner and my buddy…we will call him Mongoose. We were talking about my silly blog when I said, “It is amazing the stupid shit that goes on around you. I’m just a historian.”

Mongoose said, “But you see some particularly stupid stuff around here.”

“Yes, you do,” I said, “its like stupid in HD.”

So, without further ado…Contest Number 3! In as few or as many words as you would like…provide me, in the comment section below, an example of something really stupid you have seen someone do. I am not adverse to foul language or foul content…I am adverse to stories that involve me (though that won’t disqualify you.). A grand prize winner will be chosen at random and get something worth $10…not sure what yet…but that is sort of fun, right?

Don't forget your name!  I can't send anything to "anonymous"!


Anonymous said...

"Stupid is as stupid does" i believe from one of my fav movies Forestt Gump...:)

Anonymous said...

I will def have to think on that one and will respond tomorrow..guess what my weird word wavy, have to figure it out to type is? 'dicut' did you have something to do with this?

James said...

Well Dave, I'm pretty sure I can come up with some stupid stuff involving you...firewalking ring a bell? However, I have to tell you that I saw a really good one this afternoon on the way home. For quite a while you could see the black clouds rolling in and then the lightning and thunder. Ok, a storm is coming. As I make my way down Greentree Hill I also experience high winds for a couple minutes and even a little hail.

Ok, big deal, right? Well, about 100 yard short of the Ft. Pitt tunnel I see some moron with sunglasses and a do-rag off the side of the road trying to put the roof back on his jeep! Now, had this storm been a sudden thing with no warning, I could understand how a thing like that could happen, but I saw lightning for 5 minutes before the rain. Why not get off at Greentree and put the top up while under an awning at a gas station?

To me...that was stupid in HD!

Anonymous said...

Getting on the Parkway east from Swissvale to Monroeville, some asshole decides he does not want to be on this ramp, so he does the logical asshole thing, and starts going in reverse, right towards me! If I didn't swerve, I would have been dead. Fucktard did not see the cop sitting right there. OOPS!


Lmm said... goes.
When you are pale skinned, heavy set you should not sit out in the sun with a tube top, drink a fifth of vodka between 1-5pm where other can see you. Then found by your friends have to be put to bed with the a trash can for safety.
This is stupid but we have probably all been there at one time or another.